Saturday, April 12, 2014

Buffy, our young tuxedo beauty. Looking for adventure.

This is intent lil Buffy a couple months ago. A bundle of energy.

Buffy will dash around, will clamber across whatever obstacle might've come between her and her food. From what we can tell she doesn't mind sharing. If her brothers push their way into her food she'll let them and seek out their food dish instead. When she's gotten the string toy we use with them she won't grab onto it tightly, thereby letting the humans have it back soon afterward. Nor has she voiced any complaint about someone removing the toy after playtime is over.

Since we normally feed them immediately after playtime, she's normally rather distracted by said food. She even clambers over her siblings if they're in her way. She'll try getting her face into the food even before the humans have finished dishing it out onto her food dish. Or clamber over her siblings if they're sharing the cat hammock. There've been times wherein she used her brothers as a pillow. The one thing she's never clambered across, so far, are the humans themselves, not even when they're dishing out her food. So sensibly accommodating her humans.

Nor does she complain about cuddling, nor squirm that much during cuddles unless there is something else distracting her. Like cat toys, playmates, or food. So overall she's somewhat playful but somewhat considerate about not being too rough toward the humans. She hasn't been around other cats, aside from her siblings, that much and we've kept them indoors since last November.

Time flies and now she's 9 pounds and a sensible athlete. Trees are no obstacle. My how they've grown. Buffy is beautiful and intelligent. Elegant even in her quiet moments. But food is serious business to this young lady.

You can find her at Petfinder

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