Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day-to-day, they're growing up -- the charm of the teeny-bopper stage

....Sugar's not amused... Uncle Cider has his own plans and it didn't include exploring now, rotfl... little cuddles grow so quickly and invent their own plans....

.... all-black Friday scores !!! Boundless energy and no time to waste on obstacles ...

.... little Ruby Tuesday wants In, again.... who could deny such an ultra powerful charmer... come and let her in....

.... bold little Liberty just discovered the warming tray (usually for chickies at Tractor Supply but a source of hedonism in cool weather) in the visitor's playpen... the kittens have been very good about sharing time on the tray (kept moderate on a timer) last winter, no more than two at a time

....intensely earnest little Spock wants his own Playstation3... who could understand what the humans see in that bunch of wires and boxes, guess he'll have to try it himself? He is determined, hiding in the shadows and waiting his turn

...Rainy day, but no stormy stuff, finds oodles of kittens hiding under the porch furniture, waiting for dinnertime.... Clean placemats and heaps of shredded chicken and ground beef, with a little luck and patience and dreaming.. chases away the confining gloom of nature

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Poppa Smoke and Uncle Cider

.... Poppa Smoke, a handsome little guarded tomcat, whose heart still wants to be someone's loved one, despite having been cruelly abandoned before, when he was young... in the real world of not-gentle nature, Smoke has several times come to be cared for with battle scars and even a cluster of ticks, oy-yoy-yoy. Loves some petting and careful, skilled handling... He still loves to take meal in the rescue-restaurant (aka, the playpen by the sliding glass door to the deck) where he and Cider first ventured to visit us

.... Cider, a diligent little uncle who's always close-by, first to greet an intruder, or babysitting some exploring kittens and applying his knowledge of where the access vents are to the warmth of the house's crawlspace, working hard to clear the path. Yet his favorite entertainment is to roll to have his tummy rubbed, or offer his marvelous golden furry noggin to be vigorously petted from ear-to-ear. What a beautiful sweet face

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Album: A Cat Colony Excitement?


A few little cuddles venture out into their 1st Sunshine

A couple cuddles prefer the petbarn shade

Tonkinese sunbathers, one white nose, one dark nose.

Wow ! a little blacksheep cuddle, round and puzzling at the sunny straw. Who would guess he'll be a long and slender electrifying bolt of clumsy kitten energy?

Three cuddles had enough and beat a path to the petbarn, including one grey little beauty with white socks

AND NOW THE FOUNDING MOMMAS Momma Lunar, see any familiarities

.... and Momma Fog, both 'human-uncertain' but gaining trust