Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spike Lightning -- underfoot lover

Is that food? sensibly asks our little-big hero..


This sweet, little family came into our care after being abandoned on our neighbor's doorstep. Now that they're nearing adulthood, these 5 need more attention, and space, than we can provide.

Spike is 9.5lbs and will always greet us whenever we're around. He cuddles in our arms, purring, whenever held. Even when not being cuddled he'll seek out human feet, cuddling against or sometimes wrestling them if he's feeling playful. In fact feet seem his favorite playtoy so far. So overall he is quite sweet as well as should provide lots of cuddling opportunities.

He is an indoor pet though. Has been indoors since November 2013 and last treated with flea meds the beginning of June 2014

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